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The bag´s ideal size, ideal capacity and price make this bag an irreplaceable accessory designed for spinning lovers. It can be carried in hands by holding a textile loop or you can carry it hanging over your shoulder by means of very comfortable strip. At first sight you get attracted by toughened case for your glasses placed on the front part of the bag. On one its side you can find forceps holder and on its opposite side there is a netting pocket – size 22x16cm. The whole bottom part is lined by waterproof hardened PVC layer thanks to which you don´t have to worry about where you put your bag. Inside there are 5 spacious boxes that can be removed very easily. Their size is identical (27,5x18x4,2cm). Each of these boxes is split into 6 fixed compartments of 5x18x4cm. In addition, each box has 12 additional removable compartment walls. Boxes (Delphin B-06) can be also bought as separate accessory.

Technical parameters:
Bag size: 30x24x22cm
Minimum length of the belt: 80cm
Maximal length of belt: 130cm
Size of plastic box: 27,5x18x4,2cm

Bag´s program Delphin DRAVEC designed for predators hunters is significant for its timeless design, faultless make and very precisely designed details that will be evaluated immediately after starting your fishing trip! Zip warranty is prolonged for 3years.

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Bag Delphin DRAVEC QUICK, Box Delphin B-06


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