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Do you want to sleep more comfortably during your fishing trip than at home? If you do, Delphin KING 8 fishing bed is the right bed for you. This 8-legged bed is the strongest and the most comfortable model near and far. Thanks to a completely new way of fastening the mattress directly to the bed´s frame, the bed won´t be worn-out even after being used for a long time. Extremely quality and huge mattress will keep your back in ideal position for a great sleep. Nice and comfortable fleece material in its middle part is the softest and nicest material for sleeping and in the combination with resistant fabric on the sides of the bed guarantee the long-life of this luxury bed. Due to the minimal radius in its corners, the sleeping area is much bigger compared to standard beds. A massive system of adjustable legs keeps the bed stable and balanced in any surface. Bearing areas of the legs are really massive and bear over-loading of the bed. Delphin KING 8 – after the first night, the fishing trip becomes a real rest.

Technical parameters:
Frame material: ALUMINIUM
Mattress size: 210x97cm
Bed´s height: 30-43cm
Thickness of the mattress: 4,5cm
Fixed joint: no
Weight: 11,5kg
Transport size: 100x90x20cm
Load capacity: 190kg


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