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Delphin CAPRI rod series has already shown that a new series of high quality products at very reasonable price comes to our market. Modern landing net Delphin CARPI is perfect equipment for every modern sport angler. It is very light, but strong and perfectly ergonomically made in an elegant black colour. Landing net´s arms have the length of 85cm/100cm and are fitted in a strong metal connector. The net has the depth of 75cm so even a very big fish fits in perfectly, its meshes are 15x7mm big. When designing this landing net, our first priority was its comfortable usage. Both handles are covered with a rubber material in the length of 15cm. Massive spinous connector connects these parts and the whole length is 180cm, including its head it is app.260cm. Its weight is only 840g.

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85x85cm/1,8m, 100x100cm/1,8m


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