Carp landing net Delphin IKONA 36


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IKONA is a part of the highest landing net series made by Delphin. Its precisely and perfectly made design will persuade you about its perfection immediately. Its full-carbon handle with the weight of only 310grams including the metal inner middle part which is really minimalist and firmly fitted. 2-part handle´s length is 180cm which is the ideal length for our as well as foreign fishing territories. At the connector the top part is fitted with a rubber handle which makes using only top part from a boat much easier. Perfectly laid carbon fibres along the whole handle is really a designer´s gem. The head´s arms with their length of 90cm and spacious net with dense knitting can hold even the biggest carps. The net is resewed with a cloth corners and it will not get damaged even after a long time – that´s Delphin IKONA – landing net.

Technical parameters:

Length of the handle: 180 cm
Parts of the handle: 2
Material of the handle: carbon fiber
Handle´s weight: 310g

Length of head´s arms: 90cm
Head´s depth: 80cm
Net´s loops diameter: 5mm

Total length with the head: 255cm
Transport length: 98cm


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