Catfish rod holder Delphin HAMMER


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Extremely massive, fully-zinc catfish stand Delphin HAMMER will attract you with its enormous strength and its effective design. Its base is a strong, thick-walled tube with an inner diameter 42mm which allows inserting and pulling up of even the thickest handles of catfish rods. The stand can be anchored in two ways. The first way of anchoring it is by means of its arms which are placed on both sides of the stand. This way enables to spread the generated strength equally which is its huge advantage compared to stands with only one arm. The second way of anchoring precisely pointed hammer´s hits on the stand´s triangle placed on its top part. The triangle is created by L-profile from both sides and with a tube on its third side and all of them are joined together by strengthened by weld. We recommend covering the triangle with a piece of wood when using a hammer. Thanks to blade bottom tip of the L profile you can anchor the stand into even the toughest ground. Its long durability is guaranteed by its zinc coated body. Delphin HAMMER is completely made in Slovakia!

Technical parameters:
Inner tube diameter: 4,2cm
Total length: 82cm
Tube´s length: 37cm
The length of anchoring part: 45cm
Arms width: 24cm
Weight 2,6kg
Coating: zinc


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