Chair Delphin GRAND


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Extremely comfortable chair made by Delphin will attract you immediately. The middle part of comfortable mattress is covered by a soft, but really resistant textile. Their main advantages are its easy maintenance and very low water absorbability. In its head part you can find so called memory foam which adds to its comfort. On its side the used textile is thicker and its main task is to make the resistance of the mattress higher. Thanks to the joint you can adjust the position of the backrest. A strong construction can even carry bulkier carp lovers and provide sufficient space and high bearing capacity. A support arm makes the chair even stronger and its adjustable legs are a necessity when being used in worse surface. Delphin GRAND is such a comfortable chair that you won´t want to stand up even when you notice bites.

Technical parameters:
Bearing capacity: 180kg
Seat´s size: 50x50cm
Height of backrest: 68cm
Height of the seat: 37-48cm
Weight: 7 kg
Transport size: 80x65x20cm


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