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Delphin armchair GS is a basic model made by Delphin offers anything that good and high-quality chair should have. Its strong and massive construction ensures comfortable sitting even for heavier anglers. Its wide handles makes the chair even more comfortable and the mattress connects two types of cloth, one really resistant and easy to clean cloth in the sitting part and the other soft fleece cloth in the head part of the car that ensures really comfortable sitting. According to its measures it belongs among lower ones, but it is advantage when going for a short trip due to its great transport size. The chair is without a regulation which is replaced by a strong barrier which lowers the possibility that the system gets damaged and it makes it to be an undestroyable companion!

Technical parameters:
Bearing capacity: 110kg
The size of the sitting part: 45×50 cm
The height of backrest: 55 cm
The height of the sitting part: 30-45 cm
Weight: 4,5kg
Transport size: 70x60x15cm


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