Chair Delphin XKO


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The chair is built on a reliable and favourite model XK, but this one has a backrest which will make the time spent near water much more comfortable and pleasant. Overall, it is a simple and easy to transport chair. 19mm thick-walled profile was used during manufacturing process which guarantees its stability and loading capacity. The surface of the profiles is coloured by a powder-colour which is great against as protection against corrosion, wear resistance and aggressive environment. The bottom part of the construction is protected by plastic “bumpers” that soften the contact between the earth´s surface and the chair´s body. The textile part is made of thick, impregnated cloth which is two-times quilted.

Technical parameters:
Bearing capacity: 100 kg
Height of the seat: 33 cm
Height of the backrest: 33cm
Total height: 66cm
Size of the seating area: 30x35cm
Folded size: 50x43x7cm
Weight: 1,65kg


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