Delphin ANARCHY 60


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ANARCHY is a light and well-designed reel for the fans of feeder fishing or light carp fishing. The core of the reel is created by a really reliable scrolling mechanism that guarantees its long durability. Fitted in a solid body, it won´t rotate even when overloaded. As the reel is designed for casting, lower capacity of the metal spool, caused by its shallow made, is fully balanced by its conical shape that makes unwinding of the line much easier. The front brake has perfect dispensing so it makes ANARCHY a great companion during your all fishing trips. Anarchy´s handle is all-metal one with a PVC grip that perfectly fits into your hand. Due to its perfectly balanced run, solid construction and ideal size, ANARCHY will definitely find a stable place among your favourite fishing accessories. If needed an additional spare metal spool can be ordered.

Technical parameters:

Reel´s capacity: 0.25mm/350m, 0.30mm/240m, 0.35mm/170m
Gearing: 5.2:1
Number of bearings: 6+1
Weight: 440g


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