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This reel is one of the best of its price category. It offers the attribute of higher category reels. Its smooth and computer – balanced run, perfect make, together with is nice design, these are all its benefits that make this black-green reel really successful. After turning the handle you will feel like having higher price category reel. Thanks to its metal spool, a metal handle and a resistant inner mechanism, its long life and durability can be guaranteed. It is available in several sizes so it can please all the anglers, including the fans of different fishing techniques. So in case you want high performance at a reasonable price, ELAN is the best option for you.

Technical parameters:

Gear ratio: 5.1:1
Ball bearings: 3+1
Main spool: 1x aluminium
Spare spool: 1x PVC
Handle: aluminium

Delphin ELAN 10
Capacity mm/m: 0.14/330, 0.16/300, 0.18/260
Weight: 240g

Delphin ELAN 20
Capacity mm/m: 0.18/290, 0.20/230, 0.22/160
Weight: 245g

Delphin ELAN 30
Capacity mm/m: 0.18/320, 0.20/260, 0.22/200
Weight: 280g

Delphin ELAN 40
Capacity mm/m: 0.22/340, 0.25/270, 0.28/220
Weight: 295g

Delphin ELAN 60
Capacity mm/m: 0.25/360, 0.28/310, 0.30/270
Weight: 400g

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Delphin ELAN 10, Delphin ELAN 20, Delphin ELAN 30, Delphin ELAN 40, Delphin ELAN 60


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