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Delphin ODYSEA is a massive reel with a large capacity metal spool. One turn of the ODYSEA´s handle winds 1m of a monofilament or a braided line. It was designed mainly for long distance fishing. It is fitted with „Power Drag“ brake which can stop the spool completely after only one turn of top brake. It means that when the break is set correctly before fishing, fisherman can work with a quarter turning while braving a fish which is great especially for a sudden strike.34mm brake washers guarantee smooth run of the brake without any stammering. The body of the reel is made of hard plastics and its inner shape was designed in a way that even when overloaded, fisherman has no feeling that its body is bending. The inner side of the body is built on a reliable warm shaft. Its smooth run is guaranteed by six bearings that are placed in this way: 2 are on its inner toothing, 2 are for securing and smooth run of warm shaft and 2 massive bearings are on it main axis plus there is the seventh one way bearing. The reel comes with a so called service pack which consists of „Power Drag“ brake and its spare locking screw for the handle.
For those who expect the extreme brake strength, original carbon washers can be additionally bought, they need to be changed inside a metal spool with felt washers. Changing them is very easy and takes only about 2 minutes. On the other side, by changing to carbon washers you gain more kilograms in the brake power and it is 100% reliable even in lasting rain. We also offer a flat spool for those who are used to fish on very thin monofilaments.

Technical parameters:
Gearing: 4.6:1
Bearings: 6+1
Weight: 585g

Spool´s capacity 10000: 0.25mm/1200m, 0.30mm/850m, 0.35mm/630m



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