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Delphin OPTIMO set follows up enormously successful sets made by Delphin. This set provides light, sound as well as vibratory signalisation. It is 100% waterproof and the alarms are connected by means of 9V batteries which guarantee its long durability. The receiver is connected by 3xAAA batteries. Apart from its durability, its long range of up to 200m belongs among the biggest advantages of this set. Its range depends on the local environment. Snag gear can be screwed directly on bolts that are placed on the alarm´s body which significantly makes the manipulation easier. When setting the alarm during your fishing trip, you find its next advantage which is its 20-second silent mode which allows you manipulation without any noise. Another possibility is setting of up to 6 levels of sensitivity of bites at the range 1,5-10,5cm. The Delphin OPTIMO set is the best one for true carp anglers!

A basic set stored in a hard, portable case can be 2+1, but could be extended up to 4+1 after buying additional alarms, at that time it includes 4pcs of waterproof bite alarms, 1pc of receiver, 4pcs of alarm CSW-II and 4 pairs of Snag gears. Every single bought alarm comes with one chain alarm and screw-in snag gear for free! The guarantee for this product is 3years which underlines the high-quality of this product.

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OPTIMO 9V 2+1, OPTIMO 9V 3+1, Alarm green, Alarm yellow, Alarm red, Alarm blue


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