Delphin SYMBOL CARP handle


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This handle is the shot to the bull´s eye for all anglers who like to have their equipment set to their needs. The Symbol provides a good base, it is very light, slim, 2-part landing net handle which has great mechanical attributes. To make thorny joint of the parts we have used a completely new technology which a much higher level of surface friction. Thanks to this the joint holds tightly even in the most extreme conditions. The most important contact parts of the handle are covered by anti-slippery layer which allows the usage of the landing net at whole or as well as in a boat only with its top part. The end of the handle is finished by an elegant aluminium ending. The connector itself for joining with the head is fitted with a standard thread and it is designed for most mass production joints/connectors.

Technical parameters:

Handle material: carbon fibre
Length of the handle: 180cm
Transport size: 96cm
Weight of the handle: 206g


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