Delphin Wild Spin C.I.T.


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C.I.T is an ultra-light and fast blank from Delphin Wild Spin series. It belongs into ULTRALIGHT category with a glued full carbon tip. 24T carbon with low amount of resin was used to manufacture this blank. Blank´s surface is polished and additionally coated with a matt painting. It is fitted with branded SEA GUIDE SIC guides of modern design that allow problem-free usage of braided lines designed for spinning. By gluing in the carbon tip, A action was achieved which allows tracing even the softest bites and use of the thinnest lines. The blank´s back is stiff enough for an immediate and fast strike. To achieve immediate stability of glued tip after a bite it was fitted with 4 really light guides. The tip is two-coloured, fluo-orange and striking white so the tip is well visible during sunny day as well as in the evening or when the visibility is lower. The blank is fitted with branded, SEA GUIDE seat and hardened EVA foam. The whole blank is well-balanced what allows continuous fishing for long hours.

Technical parameters:
Delphin C.I.T Spin 210cm / 2parts / Casting lead: up to 7g / 8 guides Transport length 110cm
Delphin C.I.T Spin 230cm / 2parts / Casting lead: up to 9g / 8 guides /Transport length120cm

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210cm/7g, 230cm/9g


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