Digital scale Delphin SPORTA


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The maximum possible weight is 50kg, its accuracy is from 0-10kg 5g, and from 10-50kg it is 10g.The scale switches on by pressing ON/OFF button and it is ready to weight in just 5 seconds. Short press of UNIT button you can select the weighting units (kg, lbs, JIN, oz) which are displayed at the bottom of the display. You can change units even after locking the weight. In case of using function TARE you can place a weighting bag on the scale, then press TARE and the scale will be set to zero which means that after placing fish into bag you will get an accurate weight of fish itself. To use function TARE you only press TARE button and it will be shown at the top of the display. The scale can be switched off by ON/OFF button.

Technical parametres:
Height (scale body): 10cm
Height (with handle and hook): 20cm
Width: 6cm
Scale capacity: 50kg
Weight: 140g
Power supply: 2x AAA bateries (included in package for free!)


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