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Highly comfortable fleece gloves for all the lovers of carp fishing. Thank to these gloves you can wait for the desired scene in the maximum comfort. When you need to manipulate with something you can simply tilt the upper coverage of the gloves which will stick to the Velcro and there is nothing preventing you from the finest manipulation of your finger. The upper coverage is divided to two separate parts. First is the coverage of the thumb, second is the grouped coverage of the four remaining fingers which is making the gloves even more universal. Delphin CAMP have the ideal cut and suits most of the population. The wrist fastening is designed with retractable rubber and the safety clip. Above the clip there is sewn belt which is making wearing the gloves even more comfortable. On the palm part there is also non-slippery layer done by sewn profiled rubber layer which supports you when holding the fishing rod. In case you are not a fan of frozen hands during the cold stays near the water, you are definitely the fan of the Delphin CAMP gloves 🙂

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