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Lumina is a very comfortable head lamp designed by Delphin which solves age-old problem of head-lamps which are batteries placed in its front part, next to the power supply which causes that lamps are unbalanced. Lumina can solve this problem in an excellent way. Batteries are located in its back part on the belts. In its front part there is only the head of the light with economical, but very efficient LED light. By using the button you can choose one of the three levels: strong, dipped light, flashing stroboscope. The head can be turned up and down which makes the other activities easier, especially during the fishing trips. As we all know, the high quality head light is a necessity in every situation when there is poorer visibility. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and size it can be carried very comfortably and even after several hours you have no feeling of it being too tight or pinching. If you are looking for a high quality head-lamp, your choice must be Delphin LUMINA.

Technical parameters:
Power supply: 3xAA


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