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Premier keep net is a very reliable accessory for many anglers and is designed for safe keeping of your fish catch inside water. This keep net is made of air-permeable cloth with loops. As the loops are smaller, you can keep fish there without worry that you will get injured. In addition, due to smaller loops you can keep inside even smaller fish without being afraid that they can escape. Thanks to its loops fresh water floats in and prevents the fish from any unwanted injuries. The float is placed on the top of tightening laces. The bottom part is fitted with a plastic loop. The net is designed in two makes: 35×80 and 40×100, the first number is for diameter of the circles and the second number is its total length.

Technical parameters:
Float length: 6cm
Float diameter:3,5cm
Loop size: 3x2mm

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35/80cm, 40/100cm, 60/120cm


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