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New and model in sale in 2017!
• Notably stronger construction´s clips
• Stronger and more resistant cloth
• New and more effective way of seams sticking

Delphin YURTA bivvy provides really huge and spacious shelter for any angler during long fishing trips. Its width 310cm, length of 390cm and height of 180cm make it a true king among other large bivvies. Up to three smaller beds can be placed inside into the shape of letter “U” or three larger beds can be placed next to each other. It is built on a massive pipe construction with three main ribbed vaults. These vaults are reinforced in one line together along the top part of the bivvy. Two front ribs have additional struts on the sides. In addition, there is an attached vault for a visor. This visor above the entrance has the length of 70cm! There are two lugs for rods and thanks to the visor your shoes stay dry even if placed outside the bivvy. It also prevents the mosquito net from getting wet in case of strong storm. Of course it can be covered by a transparent window or by a cloth. The front part consists of not only a door, but two mosquito net windows as well which can be changed for a transparent foil or a to be made full of a cloth. Transparent foil windows are included in a package so there is no extra charge for it. The rear double window was designed for ventilation of the bivvy and it can also be either as a mosquito net or a full cloth one. The bivvy is really stable in even very bad weather conditions and it is due to the system of 13 anchoring pegs along the whole bivvy. All the pegs are very strong. The floor is resistant and attached to the bivvy by Velcro. For easier building of the bivvy there is a sign for the entrance. Inside of it there are three hooks on which, for example, a lamp can be hung. Its seams are glued and water-resistant. A cover can be additionally bought. When used with a cover, you gain another 40cm in front of your bivvy as well as it improves bivvy´s thermal insulation. Bivvy Delphin YURTA is maximally adjustable and will satisfy even the most demanding angler!

Technical parameters:
Sizer widthxdepthxheight: 305x385x175cm
Visor: 70cm
Transport size: 125x30x30cm
Bivvy weight: 13.5kg
Cover weight: 3.5kg

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