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ZIPER is an unbeatable bivvy at a great price/quality ratio. This Delphin bivvy is designed for a very comfortable stay of two people. Thanks to its special construction with nearly vertical walls that enlarge the usage of corner areas so that two big beds can easily fit there and there is app. 40 cm space for crossing, depending on the width of the beds. Bivvy ZIPER is built on a great wide-wall-tube construction which lowers the transport size and weigth while keeping the same resistance. These matt black tubes are connected by massive plastic connectors which make building the bivvy really easy and quick. Bivvy´s cover is made of dark green resistant cloth great for its steam penetrability and perfect design and make. The main focus was placed on its water-resistance achieved thanks to all modern technologies. All the seams are under-glued and tested afterwards. The anchoring parts of the bivvy are the whole-metal guides that come together with massive metal pegs with plastic heads and threads for easier drilling into rough ground. Thanks to this system ZIPER is a very stable bivvy even in the worst weather conditions or storms. Bivvy´s floor is removable by Velcro zippers place inside the bivvy so it can be used in placed not suitable for staying in a bivvy. ZIPER provides you a great variety of usage and individualisation. Multi-layer entrance door can be fitted with mosquito net, plastic window or cloth. Rear window can also be used differently and it allows quick ventilation of the bivvy. In case of short trip, front wall can be rolled into sides and fitted by side tapes. When using ZIPPER, you also get a great universal shelter that protects you from the Sun´s rays. The bonuses are two rod´s holders placed in the front. The bivvy is packed in a transport bag. ZIPER Zone is a proof that even Professional bivvy doesn´t ruin your budget.
We recommend buying a practical wrap that prevents it from steam condense as well as it improves thermal insulation when there is colder outside.

Technical parameters:

Width: 290cm
Length: 290cm
Height: 155cm
Transport size: 150x15x15cm
Weight: app. 7kg

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Zelt Bivvy Ziper Zone 2, Overwrap, Set bivvy+overwrap


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